A Catalog and App for a Local Fruit Stand

OBJECTIVE / Find a handwritten sign in that has a call to action statement somewhere public. From this sign, create a system around it that would assist the public with that call to action. This has to include a catalog book, but the other elements are based on the needs of the sign.  

SOLUTION / The sign that I found was located a few blocks from where I lived at the time. On the front porch of the house were several baskets of fruit. The sign read, “We do the honor system here. I grow it, put it on the stup — you buy it then put your money through the mail slot. #135 on bottom    of the door.” I took this sign and named the mock brand, 135 Parnassus, the address. I created a catalog book that would help customers learn about the fruit and how much it cost. I also created an app that would allow users to purchase the fruit without having to slip money through the mail slot. 

CREATE / The first thing I did while working on this project was to create a moodboard. I wanted it to feel fresh and natural, I found pictures that had a rustic natural feeling to accomplish this. I then hung the moodboard on my wall so I could see it while working on the elements. I used a soft green as the main color and assigned color based on the fruit to help the user easily identify what they are purchasing. I used Sabon and Snell Roundhand as the typefaces to help give it a sophisticated feel. I found photography that focused on the fruit. I also used thin rules in order to keep the information organized and separated.