A Cameron Crowe Film Festival

OBJECTIVE / Choose a film director and create a festival based on his or her body of work. The final deliverables will include: a catalog book, DVD packaging which includes DVDs, booklets, and a container, a soundtrack, a poster, tickets, a schedule, three products, a website, three advertisements, stationery, and a container. 

SOLUTION / The director I chose was Cameron Crowe. I selected him for a number of reasons, I felt a strong connection to him. We are both from San Diego, we share a love for music and travel, and our favorite time of day is the golden hour just before sunset. His movies all share a common thread of a young man finding himself on a journey inspired by music, love, and self-reflection. 

CREATE / One of the first things I did was select the six movies that I would be focusing on during this project. Those included: Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Singles, Say Anything, Almost Famous, Elizabethtown, and Vanilla Sky. From the beginning, I knew I wanted to use men’s handwriting in the project. I kept picturing William Miller, the lead character in Almost Famous scribbling in a notebook. I also knew that the project would never be authentic without a typewriter. After acquiring one from a flea market and downloading a horrible quick hand typeface, I was able to get into it. I printed the type out and wrote over it on tracing paper, then scanned that in and adjusted it in Illustrator. This gave me a graphic element that I could work with across all the deliverables. I then assigned colors to each movie that would help identify the movie quickly. Once a system was in place, I was able to create all the necessary deliverables.