Taking a closer look at currency design.

OBJECTIVE / Create a book that would accompany a conference of your choosing based on typography and design. The book should be heavy in information and body copy. All body copy should be researched and written by you. 

SOLUTION / For this project, I had a few different ideas that varied from a conference on a cruise bridging the age gap between senior citizens and children and the influence it would have on design to revamping how retail purchases are  made and the way design can help. The final idea brought about some intrigue on currency and the design of paper money. This led to a book that takes a closer look at the currency used in three different countries, the United States, Europe, and China. Paper money is intricate, detailed, and well designed in order to protect against counterfeiting. 

CREATE / The process of designing this book began with sketches and computer roughs of potential layouts. These were all done in black and white to begin with then I started creating spreads in color. I created moodboards at the beginning and then re-created them once the final concept was conceived. From these, I was able to further my idea and create this book. I designed it in landscape format because currency has a landscape orientation. As chapter openers, I created designs that are similar to those on currency using fine lines and shapes. I also used some of these throughout the book to reinforce the concept. The book takes a deep look at the history, symbolism, design, typography, and printing process of the United State Dollar, the European Euro, and the Chinese Yuan.