firecracker image inspired by the greatest showman.

firecracker image inspired by the greatest showman.


This was a sweepstakes we did in partnership with THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. I shot all of the imagery and designed the newsletters, custom packaging, and designed the sweepstakes collateral. The project consisted of 15 images, a microsite, 3 newsletters, a cafe sign, and custom bar packaging (that actually never got produced).


Another partnership we did was with Amazon Studios during the launch of the movie LIFE ITSELF. This was a big project. I created imagery, a microsite, all the content, social posts, newsletters, and product packaging.


Chuao x Nutista Giveaway 12-16.jpg

Social Media Collaborations

While managing the social media account (@chuaochocolatier), I have been able to establish and maintain partnerships with the following companies: San Diego Hat Company, Nutista, Ilana Griffo, Fashionable Hostess, Project 7, North Mallow, Maven Media, and others.