A Re-Brand of Public Storage

OBJECTIVE / Select a dead, dying, or defunct company to re-brand in a new sector which pertains to the brand’s soul but is not necessarily where the company currently lives. 

SOLUTION / In the beginning, I struggled with choosing a company. After all, the company can make or break this project. I toyed with the idea of Lisa Frank or Sea World, doing something with the protection and safety of animals but it did not feel like the right fit. Then, one night I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds where two guys win a storage unit in an auction. Inside the unit are notebooks of deranged writing, women’s clothing, and other artifacts that implicated the owner. And it hit me, storage units hide people’s secrets. They keep things hidden that other people may not want the world to know exist. This led to my decision to re-brand Public Storage. 

CREATE / Once I had the idea, the rest of the process was exciting. I created a logo which stemmed from brackets, created the letter, “P”, and led to the creation of a secret code. I used this code throughout the book, mainly on chapter openers. I chose Blender and Vitesse as the typefaces because of their structured and digital appearance. I chose dark colors that felt similar to that of a spy company. For the products and services that Public Storage would offer, I separated them down into segments based on protection, defense, and security. These things included everything from body guards and sniper training to bunkers  and retina scanners. Providing security and protection for the things that matter most.