Last Minute Flight Booking Application

OBJECTIVE / Create an app that could be used in everyday life. It cannot be a parking app or anything for food delivery. The app should contain at least 10 screens. 

SOLUTION / As someone who travels often, I know how frustrating it is when a flight is canceled and it is too late to book on another airline. The problem is even worse if you are already at the airport. Having to run to different terminals or find out where the next flight is can be a real challenge. This app would help to book last minute flights for travelers already at the airport. 

CREATE / I took this idea of booking last minute flights and created an app called, Standby. The app would allow travelers to login and with GPS see their current flight as well as other flights leaving around the same time to a similar location. If weather or airline trouble is not allowing the user to get to their location, this app will help get them there. I created a wire-frame to map out how each screen would function. Then I chose a color scheme that felt appropriate by using colors found in the sky. I chose to use Univers because of the legibility of each letter.