Re-design of Target's Corporate Sustainability Report

OBJECTIVE / Redesign a corporate sustainability report or annual report for a publicly traded company of your choosing. Research the company and obtain their most recent CSR or annual report.  

SOLUTION / The company I chose was Target. Their annual report was not available, however, their corporate sustainability report was available to download on their website. I spent some time getting to know the company and the report before deciding on a design aesthetic. 

CREATE / Based on the brand, I created a book with bold red type, using Helvetica, the corporate typeface. I also used black and white photos so the red would really pop in contrast with them. For the charts and graphs, I was inspired by the Target logo and created circular graphs that I felt supported the brand. I used dotted lines rather than solid ones for section dividers. The company had ads out at the time of the logo enlarged and models walking along the edges. This inspired my cover. I blew the logo up to cover the front, side, and some of the back, making it immediately recognizable but also intriguing to the viewer.