Helping business travelers know what to wear, buy, and pack.

OBJECTIVE / Decide on and develop a thesis that solves a problem. The project should take approximately two years from the inception to the final product.  

SOLUTION / My undergraduate degree was in Business Administration, following that degree, I attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising where I majored in Product Development. After working in the fashion industry for a year, I decided to start my own accessories business. Needless to say, I love fashion and have a passion for it. Taking those things into account when deciding on my thesis, I picked a topic that related to a similar but new field in the fashion industry, menswear. I thought about how men shop and what would make the whole process easier. The project started out as a way to help men dress appropriately for business settings and developed into so much more.  

CREATE / I knew that I wanted to create an app because based on the research, men are more apt to make purchases on apps than on websites. I wanted to make it accessible for  men everywhere, which led me to add the option of GPS location. This gave me the idea of business travelers, they would need to know what to wear and pack based on where they are and their calendar. The name that I gave this app is Where//Drobe, a play on location and wardrobe. I researched fashion logos and wanted to keep the same design aesthetic creating a monogram logo mark.  I wanted to give the app color rather than keep it black and white, like so many apps out there. Color would help to differentiate Where//Drobe. I created color palettes based on the season and implemented those mainly in the calendar section for reference. Throughout the process the app evolved and it became clear that I needed to add a packing list that would show him what to wear based on where he was going. It was also necessary to add shopping as an avenue to generate revenue. 

You can view the app here:

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