Experimental Type Poster Based on Music Lyrics

OBJECTIVE / Create a poster based on song lyrics from a song of your choice. Type the lyrics out on acetate and bring in found materials to photograph on a projector. With the three best images, create a poster.  

SOLUTION / The song that I chose was a Lana Del Rey song called Young and Beautiful. After taking hundreds of photos, the top three were selected that had red, pink, and yellow tones and complimented each other well. 

CREATE /  After deciding on the song, I began to gather materials. I printed some of my favorite paintings on acetate and saved some for computer projections. Then, I created an alphabet for the song lyrics and printed them on acetate. I also created ink paintings on acetate that were vibrant and would project well. With the help of other classmates, I used colored paper, crystals, typography, and a scarf, to photograph all the images. With these pictures, I ran color corrections and matched the images. I used Futura as the typeface for the smaller lyrics and the one I created for the larger letters.